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Thanks for stopping by Healed by Faith. Hi, I'm Angela and I hope to learn more about you in the coming weeks. I'm all about showing practical ways to activate faith in your daily life. Faith and action go hand-in-hand. Take actions today to grow your faith.


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 My Story of Faith...

Faith is the most potent arsenal we have to achieve the impossible. It connects us to the divine and makes us experience the unexplainable. Find inspiration from my story and the story of 34 others, like Doose and Kerseclia who have experienced the touch of God.

I'd been sick for a long time without hope of making it. Although I didn't want to die, things were not getting better. I could die with my dreams left unfulfilled. As a soldier of Christ, I held on to my faith...trusting that God would heal me like He healed the woman with the issue of blood.

Read more about my story of faith in the First Class Life® Devotional book.

Also, enjoy posts on my personal blog if you need faith to bring about healing in your own life.

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Expand Your Capacity to Trust God More!


Did you know testimonies of faith can increase your faith? You're invited into the pages of the First Class Life™ Devotional to experience 35 testimonies of faith.



Building trust in God starts when you begin to spend quality time getting to know Him. See Him through the eyes of others in the First Class Life™ Devotional Book.



God loves and cares for you? If you're wondering if God loves you, read the First Class Life™ Devotional stories. You'll appreciate the unconditional love the authors found in God.

Yes, I Want the Book

Amazing Stories of Healing Through Faith...

These amazing ladies have stories of healing that'll move you to activate your faith in times of a bad prognosis.

A Case Too Advanced For Treatment

by Kerseclia Patterson

Kerseclia Patterson

Every woman wants to experience the joy of motherhood. The little cry of babies that makes their day beautiful and their life awesome. Such was the case of Kerseclia who got pregnant. All was fine with no worries, baby kicking and the mother expecting her little princess until the 28 weeks of gestation. What could be wrong? Mommy was dying. If she wants a chance to live, her baby has to be taken out. Would she take this offer from the doctors? Would the baby survive? Will her faith in God help her? Find out more about this warrior in the First Class Lif® Devotional book.


by Doose Jimoh

Doose Jimoh

Doose is a faithful Christian whose love for God is undying. She had always trusted in the mighty power of God. She read the scriptures, lived it and exemplified it. But, she lost her hearing. That was the U-Turn. She needed God more than ever if she was ever going to hear words again. The harmonious bird sounds, the whispering sound of the water, the comforting words of her loved ones, soothing music that feeds the soul, she's never going to hear them again if things don't change. She needed God. Would God fail her or did he heal her? Find out more in the First Class Life® Devotional book.


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

- PROVERBS 3:5-6

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